Fujifilm X-H1 (H is for Hybrid), X-F10, and X-T100

Now the Fujifilm X-H1 makes a lot more sense to me and hopefully, it will make more sense to you too. Here is the info I received almost exactly word for word. This source broke everything about the GFX and the XF80 here first, which was copied by everyone else reporting rumors so they are very on point, whether sites cited me or not…

X-H1 will be shipped at February 2018

There is a exposure compensation button instead of exposure compensation Dial (like GFX50)

There is Sub Monochrome LCD Monitor,   displays main settings  (like GFX50s)

X-H1 have much bigger and deeper hand grip, so size of X-H1 will be  between X-T2 and GFX50s.

X-H will have different processor, very fast

Right now, some X photographers are testing X-H1 camera

İt will be dust and weather-resistant body too. As Everybody knows, İt is a IBIS camera.

İt is a camera for both videographers and photographers. Fujifilm says “ both of videographers and photographers will be satisfied

İt is a Hybrid Camera

And price there will be between 1900$ and 2200$

So it looks like Fujifilm is going to produce a more professional video-centric camera to compete with the a7/GH5, which is good news for fans. Also, the inclusion of a faster processor probably means that the camera will do 4k 60p in camera along with including some form of 6k photo mode. Maybe we will also get internal log and 4:2:2 like the GH5. We can only hope the X-H knocks out cameras like the GH5, but what about the GH5s?

For all those wondering about the X80 it looks like the XF10 will replace the X70, but you can read the information below. Also, the X-T100 is apparently coming out the first quarter of 2018 with a new XC 15-45 kit lens. We haven’t heard much about the X-T100, but this is the first credible rumor I have come across and you can read the text below.

A new camera is coming instead of X70 camera but the name of camera will not be X80.  İt may be called XF10 ( it is not clear) or even X10F for first.

New camera probably (not exact) will be with bayer sensor. ( shipping may be  first quarter of 2018).(when I get more information,I write)

XT-100 camera also is coming with new XC 15-45mm kit lens (no information about shipping date.  İn my opinion, it will be first Quarter of 2018)

It’s been an amazing year and I have one more huge rumors coming later today from my source. Make sure you join our new Fujifilm X-H Group and Fujifilm X-H Page on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to sign up for notifications via the red bell on the site and follow Fujiaddict on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Steve Matko

    Hybrid means what?

    • Photo and Video

      • Steve Matko

        Oh, sorry!

        • Not a problem… we are all used to different terminology. GH was the first hybrid camera designed for both, but Sony kind of killed the terminology… anyways I’m just happy all my predictions ended up being factual. Now my new predictions are being presented as facts by others, but that’s the way the rumor game goes… Thanks for reading.

          • Steve Sanders

            I do hope it has the larger battery and an easier to reach AF ON button. I like the larger size.

          • I followed up with my source since some are trying to milk my rumor for all its worth. I think/hope it will. Generally speaking the people leaking to me are busy people so they send me stuff when they come across it and have time. I was very grateful to receive what I did. I don’t like to bug them, but since others are string the pot I feel the need to try to straiten some things out.

            Of course you can draw inferences like articulating screen that is touch screen and what not, but as for processor a more powerful processor could simply mean more cores or over clocked or it could be something else like multiple processors.

            No matter I simply report news here and try not to get into the prediction business too much and when I am drawing an inference I try to make it clear that I am.

            Hopefully I will have a little more news in the coming days/weeks/months. Stay tuned and share 🙂

          • Steve Sanders


  • Alper Orus

    Thx for the details. Spotted the news on my sites and linked here.

  • Stanley Schwab

    Someone forgot the touch screen.

    • Just reporting the details given to me and not reading into them too much… Touch screen is kind of a given considering all the X cameras coming are getting them… Same with a new hand grip if there is a grip since the body is changing… I just don’t need to do a bunch of posts for SEO but we can talk about it here 🙂

  • “XF10” would be an odd name since it collides with the naming schema for lenses. “X10F” would make a lot more sense is it invites comparison to “X100F”. In any case, this is the one I’ve been waiting for! My poor Ricoh GR is tired and wants to rest.

    • It does say may 😉 I just report what I get from reliable sources. The GR is a great camera. I assume you’re talking about the APS-C one. I always loved mine and missed it after I sold it. Great performer.

      • Yeah this is the APS-C Ricoh GR from 2014. Mine is still kicking around. I used it to shoot “Ralwegians” series (easy google hit!) but lately I’ve been using it to augment my X-T2 system. So I might have the XF35mmF2 on my Fuji and use the Ricoh when I need to go wide w/out a lens swap. Once you get the RAW files in Lightroom the visible differences across brands melt away. Moreover, it reaches the pinnacle that the X100F is just a little too big to pull off: the Ricoh is the camera that’s always with me. I want something like that in a (current gen) Fuji X camera!


        • I hear ya… the new GR is great, but editing For just one system can make life easier… I hope they make what you’re looking for.