Fujifilm GFX R Announcement Coming in 2018

The one more thing is that Fujifilm will be releasing an interchangeable big brother to the Fujifilm X-Pro in 2018. If we go with Fujifilm’s naming convention they will call it the Fujifilm GFX R and it will be announced and/or shipping at Photokina 2018. You can read the tip below along with the price, which is expected to be between $3,900 to $4,300.

The last news is the big one;

Big Brother of Fujifilm X-Pro is coming.  Yes;  Range Finder Medium Format Mirrorless İntercangeable Lens Camera.

Announcement or shipping ( which one is not clear ) will be at  Photokina 2018

Body Price will be between 3900$ and 4300$

This source has been 100% accurate in the past and now the Fujifilm GFX deals make more sense. It’s highly likely this camera will have the 50MP sensor found in the current GFX, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet. The lower price point makes the GFX R more accessible to photographers looking to get into medium format and could hint at a GFX S price drop to come (maybe permanently adopting the sale price). There has never been a better time to join our Fujifilm GFX Owners Group and follow the Fujifilm GFX Page if the GFX interests you.

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  • Antony Hands

    Excited by the prospect – I currently shoot with a GF670 and GF670W so I’m hoping they can develop smaller primes to go with it.

    • The primes are already pretty reasonably sized… but the R should be smaller…

  • vwking

    Started my RF experience with the Fuji GS645. Today, my X Pro2 is the only camera that stays with me 24/7. Really looking forward to check out the GF-R.

    • ChiPhi

      Precisely. This will be the only camera I put down my X Pro2 for! Please be true.

  • Licheus

    Wish they’d make something with a fixed lens…

    • vwking

      A digital version of the Fuji GSW690iii with 100MP?

      • Licheus

        Something like that, although I think technologically the closest thing they’ve made is the GA645.