Fujifilm X-T2 vs. Nikon D750 and More X-T2 News

The Nikon 750 is an older full frame camera and it is still one of the best selling cameras in Japan, but can it beat the Fujifilm X-T2? What do you think?

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  • nwcs

    I had the D750 for 16 months and have had the X-T2 since it first shipped. I don’t think the comparison in the video is very fair. He already edited the images to taste rendering comparisons kind of invalid. What he shows is that you can edit them both to match a look.

    Generally speaking the D750 is still better at total light gathering, lower noise, and Bayer is easier to extract sharpness from. The T2 has a higher sampling rate of pixels, has some nice hue shifts if you like it, and x-trans has its own niceties and quirks.

    For most people, and especially those who are only outputting to a computer screen, either one works great and won’t disappoint. Although you’ll get much faster/reliable continuous AF tracking from the D750.

    • Nick05

      I agree that it is not the best test as the focal range and a few other things were not the same. Having had the X-T2 since release and been using the D750 for the past two weeks doing my own tests, I will say the points he concluded are pretty accurate. Regarding AF, I am finding the AF tracking on the X-T2 more reliable, accurate, and faster than the D750. Perhaps there is a magic setting I’m missing on the D750, but I’ve tried single, group, auto, and 3D tracking.

      • nwcs

        It’s more a matter of familiarity. AF tracking on the D750 is far better with more cross-type and can do better predictions. The X-T2 is much much better than the T1 but it still has to do some CDAF and the PDAF is not as accurate (less discriminator distance) and only one direction.

        • Nick05

          It could be. I will be keeping it for a while and be able to make a better determination. I am looking to use it primarily for some wildlife photos.