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Affinity Photo for Windows is Now Available!

The Affinity Photo for Windows beta is now available with RAF support. You can get a copy here. There is a list of supported cameras below and here are some tutorial videos to get you started.

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Fujifilm X-Photographers Behind The Frame

I just binge watched Fujifilm’s X-photographers – behind the frame series and it is compelling, but I wish they were released in batches because they are very short (about 2 minutes). If you are already a Fujifilm fan the quotes in the videos will probably resonate with you, but if you are considering switching to Fujifilm these […]

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The Fujifilm VF-X21 Optical View Finder

I’ve always been a fan of optical view finders over electronic ones, but I prefer being able to see beyond frame lines, which makes my ideal camera list very short. The Fujifilm VF-X21 optical view finder for the Fujifilm X70 is one of the few OVF’s designed for seeing beyond its 28mm and 21mm frame lines from the start. In Fujifilm’s marketing material they claim […]

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Announcement: New Fujifilm X70 Wide Adapter Available For Preorder

 Features When Optional WCL-X70 is attached, the lens is capable not only for shooting at the wide-angle 21mm* equivalent, but also 26mm*and 38mm* settings with the Digital Tele-Converter activated. Using the same design as FUJIFILM X70 lenses’ barrel (color, surface treatment, material) to offer a premium texture consistent with the looks of the camera body. Does not […]

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Fujifilm X70 and X-E2S Firmware Updates

X70 Firmware 1.10 1. Support for the wide conversion lens, WCL-X70. WIDE CONVERSION LENS in SHOOTING MENU and assigned to Function Buttons will be available. Download Here X-E2S Firmware 1.01 The phenomenon will be fixed that the EVF doesn’t work on rare occasions right after Power On. Download Here

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Apple Digital Camera RAW 6.19

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.19 This update adds RAW image compatibility for the following cameras to OS X El Capitan: • Fujifilm X-E2S • Fujifilm X70 We are still waiting on support for the X-Pro 2 from apple. For more information on supported RAW formats, see

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