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Fuji X-T1

Fujifilm Savings Sunday Returns

Fujifilm X-T1 X-T1 Black Body (save $500):  B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama X-T1 Graphite (save $500): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama X-T1 + 18-55 (save $500): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama Fujifilm X100 X100T (save $200): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama Fujifilm X-T10 X-T10 (save $200): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama X-T10 + XF 18-55 (save $200): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama X-T10 + XC 16-50 (save $200): B&H photo / Amazon / Adorama

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Fujifilm GFX 50S First Lok

Lok goes hands on with the Fujifilm GFX 50S first the first time and he sounds really impressed. He likes the feel a lot and describes the AF as being not far off from the Fujifilm X-T2, but the Fujifilm rep is quick to correct him and says that it is about the speed of the […]

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Fujifilm X-T2, X-T1, X-Pro2 and EF-X500 Firmware Updates

Fujifilm’s latest update lest you flash the Fujifilm E-FX500 to fix an issue. Maybe 3rd parties will be able to use the new firmware to flash in the future. Fujifilm X-T2, X-T1,  and X-Pro2 Firmware Update 1.Accessory option is added in firmware upgrade function. With this upgrade, firmware of accessory like Shoe Mount Flash can […]

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Cheap M42 Manual Lenses Adapted for X-Mount and Maybe G-Mount

Roy Cruz put together a video discussing the joy of shooting adapted glass on X-mount cameras. Friends of mine swear by the Helios 44-2, which is a great lens for portraiture. You can even buy them with an adapter attached or buy your own adapter. Beyond Helios there are Jupiter lenses available that are great for the […]

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RoboSHOOTplus Released With Full TTL/HSS Support For Fujifilm GFX/X-T2/X-T1/X-Pro2/X-Pro1

The new RoboSHOOTplus has been released and is available now. This product update transforms the capabilities of RoboSHOOT to take advantage of the new Fujifilm X500 flash system and extends it even further. The key features of RoboSHOOTplus are provided on supported Nikon and EF-X500 compatible speedlights with the GFX, X-Pro2, X-Pro1, X-T2, or X-T1. Of course, other cameras and flashes will enjoy […]

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An Ethereal Fujifilm X-T IR Project: Using The Fujifilm X-T1 IR and X-T2 IR

image courtesy of Tomasz Lazar A few months ago I met Tomasz Lazar at the Miami Street Photography Festival and he was working on some interesting projects at that time. He’s a very talented photographers and I have followed him since, but his latest project was published in “An Ethereal Forest Where Japanese Commit Suicide” for […]

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